Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • The Time is Now for End of Life Conversations

    In the busy-ness of this technological age, it is so easy to lose track of real value of in-person sharing. I know that for me, email is now part of my DNA, part of how I breathe, and part of how relationships form, live, and, in most cases, thrive.

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  • Pain Management is More Than Drugs

    My darling niece, Jessica, at three and a half years of age has already learned all she needs to know about pain management. What she does first is declare what hurts.

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  • Transform 2013: A Brain Trust of Ideas for Healthcare

    This past week my husband Dallas and I spoke at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation conference, Transform 2013. This was the third year of the conference, attended by over 900 people with many minds and ideas colliding in a wash of TED-style talks.

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  • How Do We Add Mission to An Admission?

    Great question. Great pun, too. However, in the current period of HCAHPS, patient engagement, employee engagement, patient satisfaction, without a mission, how can you ever reasonably expect to provide quality healthcare? And, I am not referring to the mission that is well framed and mounted in your administration office or hung in the lobby.

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  • A New Future for Healthcare and all that Jazz

    Many of you know that I am a jazz harpist. But what you may not know is moving from classical to jazz was one of the most stressful, risky processes

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