Susan E. Mazer Speaking

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D., is a frequent speaker at healthcare industry conferences. She is well known for her work in integrating environmental challenges, such as noise, into the patient experience where it has the most impact.

Dr. Mazer, whose doctoral work focused on human and organizational systems, also speaks on the topics of the patient experience and patient privacy, HIPAA from the patient’s point of view, patient safety, elder care, and creating a healing environment at the bedside. In addition, she facilitates meetings/retreats  for non-profit organizations, healthcare organizations, industry associations, and small businesses.

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Partial list of conferences Dr. Susan E. Mazer has spoken at:

  • Aging in America
  • ANCC Magnet Conference
  • Association of Professional Chaplains Annual Conference
  • Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference
  • Cancer as a Turning Point
  • Caritas International Consortium
  • Environments for Aging
  • Healthcare Design
  • Healthcare Facilities Symposium
  • Healthcare Forum
  • HIPAA Summit
  • Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation Transform Conference
  • Middle-Eastern Nurses Partnering in Human Caring (Jordan)
  • Southern California Hospital Association Patient Safety Colloquium
  • Quality Colloquium

Partial list of topics Dr. Susan E. Mazer is an expert on:

  • The Patient Experience and Clinical Outcomes: Symbiotic Twins
  • Curing the Noise Epidemic
  • Patient Privacy:  What matters
  • Patient safety as an Environmental Outcome
  • Caring for the Elderly
  • Designing for age related hearing impairment
  • The Patient Environment is the Patient Experience