Trinidad Returns

September 7, 2023

Episode 1: Trinidad Returns

Returning to Ryan’s first shoot location, Trinidad, CA, the opportunity for a full circle adventure looms. But are Ford and Ryan truly the prepared and seasoned veterans they think themselves to be? The devil is in the details and the oversight of key logistics, gear malfunctions, and even allergy attacks might present the biggest hurdle yet for the team. Will they overcome and prove the benefit of their decade plus experience, or will their hubris get the better of them?


Episode 2: Tale of Trails

With the rust knocked off from the previous day, the team are ready for a coastal shoot at Patrick’s Point, but it seems again some minor details may have been overlooked. Some unfavorable lighting conditions throw Ryan and Ford a curve ball, and some hostile seagulls add turbulence to any attempt at drone shots. But it’s a routine hike at Trillium Falls that turns a would be walk in the park into a three hour tour, full of confused trail markers and circular paths.


Episode 3: Spotted Elk

Differences in patience become cause for conflict within the team, as Ford and Ryan disagree about how to proceed during a morning shoot with potentially poor visibility. Will they stay or will they go? Will they make the correct choice? A late day lagoon shoot presents a rare opportunity to capture some majestic wildlife, but will our team be prepared?


Episode 4: Gulls Gone Wild

Finally! After a week’s search, Ryan and Ford finally strike wildlife gold with an entire elk herd. However, not all wildlife as welcoming, as during a drone flight, Ford has an encounter in the not-so-friendly skies. There is plenty to reflect on what a week of shooting in Trinidad, CA. can mean; the mistakes, the victories and the lessons learned along the way.