Arches & Canyonlands

March 6, 2024

Episode 1: Welcome to Arches

C.A.R.E. Channel Producers Ford and Ryan head to Moab, UT for a week of Arches and Canyonlands nature shoots, gambling on a September schedule in hopes of storm clouds providing the backdrop of epic scenery. Will their bet pay off?

Day one provides a good omen with decent clouds in the skies against the rock spires while Ryan attempts to capture some fickle and flighty wildlife.


Episode 2: Legs of Steel

An early shoot at the world famous Goblin Valley State Park presents the opportunity for a beautiful morning segment. However, famous usually means crowded, and Ford and Ryan will have to navigate shooting these highly populated vistas. Thankfully, our team have a few trick up their sleeves. The afternoon plan to shoot in Delicate Arch provides a similar challenge, but this one requires a strenuous hike. With 50 lbs backpacks…


Episode 3: Race for the Sun

Another early morning hike, this time at Devil’s Garden provides an exciting opportunity to capture some wildlife. This would be relaxing event for most people, but Ryan isn’t most people. The limited time for morning light creates a scramble to get the shot, so it’s time to hustle. Cloud conditions prove tricky and unpredictable, but there’s still a chance of catching an epic sunset segment. Will mother nature provide?


Episode 4: Soothing Anxiety

The road to Canyonlands takes many twists and turns. As Ford and Ryan head out for their final day of shooting, road construction delays their already limited schedule. But there’s still plenty of beauty to capture. Will they be able to finish rounding out that elusive sunset segment?