Taking Over the World, One Shot at a Time

April 30, 2014

Well, hello there. Welcome to the official blog for The C.A.R.E. Channel production team. I’m Ryan.


And, this is my partner in crime, Ford.


Doesn’t he just look criminal?  Together we brave the untamed wilderness of the world to bring the most breathtaking footage to a C.A.R.E. Channel near you. What is The C.A.R.E. Channel you ask? Why it’s just the coolest thing ever!

It’s an ambient relaxation channel designed for in-hospital use to create a healing environment. Basically, it’s a bunch of beauty wrapped in pretty music.

I mean, really, if you’re stuck in the hospital, would you rather be forced into watching “Law and Order” reruns and daytime talk shows, or look at stuff like this:


I rest my case (though I have to admit that watching Ice T as a cop is ironically delicious).

Anyhoo, stay tuned to our blog for adventures from the great canvas that is Mother Nature. From the rugged peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the tropical shores of Kauai, we’ll be posting up goodies to entertain your digital self from all over the world.

So be ready for the ride and we hope to see you on the trail.