Florence Nightingale: In Her Own Words©

Nightingale400Drawing from biographical literature and the writings of Florence Nightingale, Susan Mazer, Ph.D., and Dallas Smith portray in drama and music the story of the eminent founder of modern nursing.

Since 1996, Susan and Dallas have been performing this dramatic presentation for nurses and healthcare professionals around the country.

Download this dramatic 5-part series of 10-minute podcasts. Hear the words of Nightingale as she speaks to issues of patient environments, nurse/physician relationships, statistics, professional conduct, and women’s rights.

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Florence Nightingale

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Part I: Her early years  icon-speaker download
Part II: Her calling to the British Army Hospitals  icon-speaker download
Part III: Lessons from the Crimean War icon-speaker  download
Part IV: Notes on Nursing: What it is and What it is not  icon-speaker  download
Part V: Her final years, The Founder of Modern Nursing  icon-speaker  download
Download entire series  download