Welcome Alternative to Commercial TV

Television & Recovery: How C.A.RE. Programming Can Help

Going to the doctor, being in the hospital, or living in a residential care facility can produce high levels of stress and anxiety. Stress can slow patients’ healing, make their body more likely to get an infection and make their pain feel worse – all of which affect their satisfaction with the care they are receiving.

Commercial television, which is broadcast in many waiting areas and patient and resident rooms, is not intended to reduce stress or anxiety. It is intended for those who want to be excited by violence, provoked by fictional conflict, or drawn into controversies.

Too often, the images and stories about the events of the day are disturbing and frightening, and may not be the best “entertainment” for those coping with illness or old age.

At times when patients are waiting, resting, or during the long night hours when their sleep may be disturbed, C.A.R.E. Programming offers a welcome alternative to commercial TV. Commercial free and without interruption, C.A.R.E. relaxation programming has been produced specifically for patients in healthcare environments.

C.A.R.E.’s nature images and music can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase satisfaction. A recent study by the U.S. Navy found it had a positive impact on outpatients in waiting areas.

During the day, The C.A.R.E. Channel provides nature scenes for inpatients, and at night, it shows stars in the sky to help them sleep. Patients visiting clinics, doctor, or dentist offices can enjoy the same daytime programming with C.A.R.E. Select for waiting areas.