Monthly Archives: April 2020

  • Patient Experience Week

    Patient Experience Week is an annual event to celebrate accomplishments, re-energize efforts, and honor the people who impact patient experience every day — from nurses and physicians, to support staff and executive professionals, to patients, families, and communities.

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  • Patient Experience Venn Diagram

    What if The Patient Experience Had Neither a Start or End Date?

    I recently read a blog from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement titled, Trying to Improve Patient Experience? Don’t Chase “Random Acts of Goodness”. The article inspired me to think about why the Patient Experience (PX) initiatives have required “buy-in” from employees. My assumption has long been that for those who choose to work at a hospital in any

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  • What Happens When Patient Pain is Dismissed and Under-Treated?

    This month, at the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference in Chicago, I was speaking about pain management and the patient experience. In the past 15 months, I’ve been researching the long history of patient pain as it has driven both medical and nursing practice, exploring the patterns of understanding and treatment that have resulted in

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  • Patient Experience

    Can We Meaningfully Dissect the Patient Experience?

    When value-based purchasing began, the patient experience was measured by the 31-question HCAHPS survey that sought to better understand what happened to patients from their point of view. But since none of the questions are actionable or easily generalized, is the HCAHPS survey really all that valuable?  What else do we need to know to

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  • Integrative Medicine and Patient Experience

    Is Integrative Medicine in Better Alignment With the New Patient Experience Model?

    Last month, billionaires Henry and Susan Samueli donated $200 million to the University of California Irvine to build a College of Health Sciences that will incorporate integrative health research, teaching, and patient care across its schools and programs. The pushback has been rather dramatic. Medical school faculty at U.C. Irvine immediately criticized this facility. Others

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  • The Invaluable Nature of Patient Stories

    I have written about patient stories before. I have even told my own patient story. And last week, I heard another memorable patient story. Kristen Terlizzi, the keynote speaker at the Beryl Institute Regional Roundtable in Palo Alto, Calif., provided carefully thought out detail about her a high-risk pregnancy and subsequent rare condition called placenta accreta.

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  • Nursing and the Patient Experience

    Where is Nursing in the Patient Experience?

    This question came to me as an “ah ha” moment as I was a member of a faculty doing a retreat for oncology nurses last summer. Basically, when I started to talk about the patient experience and HCAHPS, the nurses’ eyes glazed over and they looked confused. They knew little to nothing about the patient

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  • Healing Into a New Future for the Patient Experience

    Coming from the rich experience at the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference this past week, I want to share some of my own takeaways. We heard from so many wonderful speakers, but more important, we heard from each other. And we listened carefully, consciously — in ways often passed over for the sake of the

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