Introducing C.A.R.E. Channel Artist Christine Brown

christine brownI am a pianist and composer of classical/new age solo piano. I have had a bond with the piano most of my life, playing by ear as a child, taking piano lessons and accompanying school choirs through high school. It was never my intention to perform and compose piano music.

Although I truly enjoyed the piano, I didn’t pursue music in college, but earned a business degree at the University of Colorado. After college, I moved to California for a job, only playing piano occasionally.

My mother, very ill from severe rheumatoid arthritis, made a request for her 50th birthday — she missed hearing my piano music around the house and wanted an audio tape. I decided to go to a professional studio and make a quality recording, and I reconnected to playing the piano again.

Sadly, my mother passed away a month later. In my grief, I turned to the piano, and I began composing song after song, releasing my emotions. One year later, this music was featured on my first CD.

I believe my gift to my mom was her gift to me, as I rediscovered my love for the piano. From this experience I learned that music is very powerful, very spiritual. Music can provide positive healing and can be a great comfort.

Several years after my mom passed away, I was asked to be an artist for The C.A.R.E. Channel, providing an opportunity for others to benefit from the healing effects of music. I am very proud and happy to be a part of it.

Coincidentally, I learned The C.A.R.E. Channel is broadcast at Craig Hospital in Littleton, Colorado, near Denver, the same medical facility where my mother passed away. Over the years, I have received numerous letters and emails from people who have had an emotional connection to my music, helping them through the loss of a loved one, an illness, divorce or personal struggle. This feedback compels me to continue to compose.

Since then, I have composed and recorded nine albums. Two are collections of children’s music and two are Christmas albums — both my interpretations of familiar classics. However, it is my original music that I am most passionate about.

Music is a great escape for me, and very relaxing and therapeutic. Each CD chronicles a period of my life, some songs joyous while others more reflective, but each an emotional experience. As life moves on, there are new experiences, challenges and conflicts. I turn to my piano often to express these feelings.

I feel very blessed that I can express myself musically, and I am so happy I can share my music with others.

I live in San Diego with my wonderful husband and two amazing sons. Currently, I am composing my next CD and hoping to record it this spring. I continue to be inspired by the beauty around me and my life experiences and emotions.

Christine’s CDs, Promise and The Wishing Well were nominated for Best Solo Piano Album by Internet radio station “Whisperings” [www.solopianoradio.com] and Zone New Age Reporter.

Her music (CDs, sheet music, and MP3s) is available on her website. [www.christinebrownpiano.com]

Her music is digitally distributed worldwide and can be heard on Pandora, iTunes, Muzak, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, and most Internet broadcasts.