C.A.R.E.® Nature & Music Programming

Featuring some of the world’s most iconic scenery, C.A.R.E. Programming is talk-free, commercial-free, and effective for people of any age, gender, language or cultural background. Paired with a digital signage or video wall we can positively change the waiting or resting experience!

Programming Package

EcoDigital Media’s C.A.R.E. Programming package includes 30 hours of continuous, non-repetitive content that is updated annually.

Using your branding to create a customized template, we display your content along with C.A.R.E. Programming to provide a turnkey content delivery system.

The original nature video and instrumental music helps create a relaxing environment in hospitals, spas, physical therapy clinics, and workplaces. Global imagery of outdoors evoke a moment in time when “you were there”. Carefully curated original music compositions from artists provide a beautiful audio pairing.


Hospital Waiting Areas

Calms and distracts patients and family members, helping to take their minds off their health issues and pass the time more quickly.

Spas & Physical Therapy Clinics

Sets the mood for relaxing and restorative treatments.


Supports corporate wellness programs by creating an environment that promotes health and well being for employees.

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