Introducing C.A.R.E. Channel Artist Greg Maroney

greg_maronry_care_artist_may13I have been playing piano all of my life and composing for over 30 years. My musical styling is uniquely my own and I create beautifully simple melodies that are layered with intricate harmonies, drawing upon the wonders of nature, love, and life.

I have lived in central Pennsylvania with my wife Linda and our menagerie of animals on a seven-acre property for almost 20 years. I compose from the heart and embrace the details of my surroundings and personal life in my music — from beautiful sunrises to thunderous storms, from peace to turmoil.

After two hours of practice and composing at the piano, I switch gears and head out to the hospital where I’ve worked as an emergency room triage nurse for many years. I know firsthand the calming influence of music from my own experiences at work, so it was a natural fit for my music to be included on The C.A.R.E. Channel. The hospital where I work now broadcasts The C.A.R.E. Channel into each patient care area throughout its facility.

My personal experience with the calming effects of music and imagery extend to my home as well. My wife’s aging parents moved in with us almost a year ago. My mother-in-law, Jean, has Alzheimer’s disease and Linda and I are now her caregivers, enabling her to stay in a home environment.

We have found that as the Alzheimer’s has progressed — bringing with it paranoia and delusions, my music is one of the few things that can calm the disease generated anxieties. Linda and I compiled a DVD of family photos set to my music, which offers hours of relaxation, interest and engagement for Jean.

I am pleased to have found The C.A.R.E. Channel and believe in the power of music to aid in the care and healing process. I’ve seen the success both professionally and personally and am grateful that my music can contribute to the well-being of those who hear it.