C.A.R.E.® VRx

Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment®

RX for Pain Relief and Stress Reduction

Expanding on the benefits of The C.A.R.E. Channel, C.A.R.E. VRx provides a fully immersive experience, allowing patients to explore and interact with nature in a 360º world right from their hospital bed.

  • Studies have shown that virtual reality can calm and distract patients, relieving the sensation of pain.
  • Researchers believe that immersive distraction may also help lower blood pressure, improve depression, and be supportive for women enduring long labors while giving birth.

Because of this, clinicians across the country are starting to “prescribe” VR for their patients.

How It Works

C.A.R.E. VRx is delivered using an app loaded onto a virtual reality headset.

  • By focusing their eyes on the screen menu, patients select a scenic environment – for example lakes, mountains, or waterfalls.
  • Once in the chosen environment, patients can interact with their surroundings at their own choosing and pace.

For example, patients who select an alpine lake experience might stand at the foot of a lake and look up to the mountain – or “jump” up to the mountaintop and look down at the lake below.

Those wanting a less interactive experience may prefer to just sit on a beach, listen to waves, and not “go” anywhere.

Whatever inspires them, whatever your patients choose – the natural world becomes real within the four walls of their room.

Benefits for Patients

C.A.R.E. VRx is not appropriate for all patients, particularly those who have head wounds or bandages, are prone to motion sickness, or have a history of seizures and strokes.

But for those who are suitable and willing to participate, immersive 360° experiences have been shown effective at relieving the pain or worry of their condition.

Some of the most successful outcomes have been seen with:

  • Burn victims
  • Those suffering with pain — chronic or otherwise
  • Those with anxiety from being hospitalized
  • Surgery patients
  • Women in labor
  • Dialysis patients
  • During chemotherapy treatments

Technical Details

C.A.R.E. VRx is offered as a bundled package complete with VR headset, headphones, and pre-loaded app with content and tutorial.

Already have VR headsets at your facility? Contact us for content-only licensing and to confirm compatibility.

Contact Us

To learn more about C.A.R.E. VRx, please contact us at info@nullhealinghealth.com.

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