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We Are the World — and What a World It Is

February 15, 2010

The Olympics are, admittedly, the only sports event that wholly grabs my heart and mind. There is something about watching each athlete take on the impossible, stretch the boundaries of excellence into new constellations of human potential. There is something about the four years in between the Olympic games and what it takes to work that long and hard to try again or for the first time that reminds me of the addiction of determination. I also know that this kind of determination resides in the hearts of each of us only needing to be un-leased by pure inspiration and hope.

Fear does not have the power that personal resolve does. Working hard in order to not fail is so different that working hard in order to succeed. Even for patients facing life-threatening illnesses, fear of dying does not have the same octane as the determination to live.

As I watched the video of the new and uplifting We are the World, I saw not a chorus of stars, but a chorus of lives, joining in the celebration of life…I saw the young Haitian boy waving in rhythm atop the ruins of fallen buildings. I saw the joy of collective determination to move forward and heard the song and words of hope coming from the hearts of those who have everything and those who have lost everything. And, again, a reassessment of what matters.

Maybe all of us who interface on the internet, who can afford to write blogs and read them, who can browse the world from living-rooms that are heated inside homes that are safe, who know that however it looks today, things will change tomorrow… maybe we are all living in a state of grace.

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