Krystie Manke

Contract Manager and Support Specialist

Krystie Manke

Krystie Manke is the Contract Manager and Support Specialist at Healing HealthCare Systems.

Krystie has been with Healing HealthCare Systems since July of 2018. She oversees the drafting and managing of contracts and amendments for new and existing clients. Krystie also works with our Executive V.P. to manage and license the artists, who bring so much to The C.A.R.E. Channel with their original compositions.

Before joining our team, she worked at law firms as a Legal Assistant and Notary Public. Her background in law has given her a meticulous and detail-oriented eye that contributes to every contract that she creates.

Krystie is passionate and motivated by our mission at Healing HealthCare Systems and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve our customers and their contract needs.