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Caring at the Bedside in the Midst of Conflict

June 7, 2013

Dallas and Susan at the WSCI Conference in Amman, Jordan

Dallas and Susan at the WSCI program in Amman, Jordan

From Amman, Jordan, healthcare looks so different. The conversation we are having with Dr. Jean Watson and others at the program here this week is about human caring — the essence of nursing from its earliest roots.

Caring at the bedside is what we are talking about — extending loving kindness while taking a medical history, consideration while dispensing medications, and being aware of our shared humanity in the face of life-threatening illness. While we speak about transformational nursing, Syria remains in civil war; Egypt is struggling; Turkey has riots; the Golan Heights is now a tinder box.

Conflict and caring goes on at the same time, and we are all here to make real the vision of human caring.  What is most amazing is that the issues that nurses struggle with are the same everywhere:  high acuity patients, time pressures, budget pressures, and ethical dilemmas that arise because of limited resources.

Yet, the very presence of nurses living in this troubled region, sharing their experience, strength, and hope — committed to treating every patient with dignity, gives me hope and optimism that the future will be brighter than the present.

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