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A Focus on Positive, Compassionate Care

September 30, 2011

Every fall, I remember school days, hot Septembers in Detroit, and new school clothes. This fall, it remains hot, but with today’s economy, schools are struggling, making me wish that kids were not subjected to the ups and downs of issues over which they have no control.
We might all take a step back and ask what would it be like? To not be subjected to the bad news getting worse day after day, newscast after newscast, headline after headline. Not that we should    ignore what is going on. The larger question is what we can do? And where do we stand to improve our own world without being assaulted by the world we cannot seem to impact?

For every patient, their personal focus is the immediate world around them. Watching the news, wars, and politicians telling us about the impossible rather than the possible, the roller coaster economy, and its related stresses over and over is hardly good for patients’ health or ours.

Think about how you can bring a more positive and compassionate approach to your patients’ world. Then be the change.

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