Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • Do No Harm Includes Pain Management

    Recently, I had a discussion with a retired physician from the Veteran’s Administration. She expressed her frustration over the urgent need for pain medication and the lack of time to do the requisite research and education for the patient, which has contributed to the current opioid epidemic. I told her that I had a wisdom

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  • 25 Years of C.A.R.E.: How It All Started

    Twenty-five years ago in June 1992, my husband Dallas Smith and I launched what was to become The C.A.R.E. Channel. We met through Rising Sun Records in 1984. However, I’d already been involved in working with nurses through the Center for Health Awareness in San Jose, CA. It was beginning this work that drew my

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  • What Do We Know About Music and Music Therapy for the Sick and Tense?

    Music has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. From David playing the harp for Saul to Aristotle and Plato declaring that no state leader is healthy without music, we have found that music adds an emotional and spiritual quality to our lives. Today, we know even more about the potential for music to be used

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  • The Patient Experience is All About the “Vibes”

    Remember when people were talking a lot about the “vibes” of a person or a place? Vibes was short for vibrations. Vibes inferred that a place or person felt good or bad, safe or in danger, comfortable or uncomfortable. Well, vibes has a studied and defined position in psychology.  The quality of “goodness” or “pleasantness”

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