Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • Measuring the Patient Experience of Music and Nature: A New Study

    “Not everything can be measured and not everything that can be measured, matters.” I am not sure when I heard this. But it always comes up when people talk about the validation and comparative value of qualitative and quantitative research. In response, more and more researchers are using mixed methodologies to seriously investigate the human

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  • Can Hospital Noise Be Canceled by Other Noise?

    This is the big question when thinking about how to reduce the negative effects of hospital noise on patients. Noise is a sound that is unwanted, abrasive, distracting, irrelevant, and annoying. It has no distinct, uniform characteristics as being a “noise.” It is a quality assigned by listeners to what they are hearing. The acoustic

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  • Living the Life of a Nurse

    This past summer I was on the faculty of a retreat in California for Oncology nurses. It was a three-day weekend event, drawing nurses from Northern, Southern, and Central California. The retreat was all about self-care, about defining and recovering from burnout — about living the life of a nurse. A nurse at the retreat

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