Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • Patient Safety: The Tale of the Lost COW

    Hospital corridors, by design, are wide. They have to accommodate people, wheelchairs, gurneys, computers, meal carts, and all sorts of other things. They just have to be wide. The risk of being wide, however, is that there is enough room to add more equipment, such as computers on wheels (COWs). Inevitably, these COWs wander from

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  • What We Celebrate During Patient Experience Week, April 24-28

    Healthcare has never been about anything but the patient experience. Florence Nightingale put it as the guiding mission in her Notes on Nursing. In Nightingale’s day, there were neither antibiotics nor pain meds. There was only the environment in which care was delivered and the active commitment by nurses to relieve patients’ suffering. Today, we

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  • How Can Patients Be More Involved in Their Pain Management?

    The Opioid Epidemic is the result of relying solely on drugs to remove all pain. But, it’s time to rethink what is possible when patients are fully involved in understanding and contributing to their own pain management. Bringing pain down to a manageable level may not be removing it.  However, it allows patients to safely

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