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  • The power of human exceptionalism to improve the patient experience

    Use The Power of Human Exceptionalism to Improve The Patient Experience

    If there is a single quality unique to being human, it is self-awareness — that we know we are human as opposed to being anything else. And that we have a sense of identity unique from any other human being. My puppy, now almost 9 (!), does not know he is a dog.  He responds

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  • Encore Post: What’s the Difference Between Sound Control & Noise Control?

    Yes, noise can be loud.  But, loud is not necessarily noisy. The sound of a 100-piece symphony orchestra played at fortissimo can be breathtaking and passionate, and hardly considered noise by those who love classical music. And, the sound of a distorted talk radio coming from another room can be very annoying, although the measured

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  • Why is Patient Safety in Its Own Bucket?

    I have always wondered why patient safety is talked about by itself. As if all other procedures, policies, and practices are not about safety. And why should patient safety be separate from the patient experience? For staff, patient safety is a lot like playing in tune for a musician. Because regardless of how much technique,

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  • Is “A” Patient Experience “The” Patient Experience?

    When the communities where we work, live, and heal became about large groups of people, we began to talk in terms of collective, shared and agreed upon values, perspectives, and goals. At the same time, we broke ourselves into demographics by age, income, education, ethnicity, and religion. Similarly, healthcare has divided us by actuarial charts,

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