Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • ICU Anxiety: When the Sounds of Silence Become Hospital Noise

    Hospital noise is a patient satisfaction indicator. It’s also is the number one cause of sleep deprivation. We don’t know how patients define noise, what differentiates a “noise” from a “sound” — other than one is annoying and the other may be informing or communicating. This is why the resolution of hospital noise has not

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  • Patient iExperience

    The Patient iExperience Goes Beyond the Hospital

    Last week, I wrote about the patient iExperience in the hospital.  But what about the patient iExperience beyond the hospital? We live in a digital world.  That’s why video conferencing and smart phone apps are poised to become the bridge between personal health and staying healthy. And, it may be the only way that patients

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  • Patient Experience as iExperience

    The Patient Experience As an iExperience

    Now that Apple has given us an iSomething world and digital technologies have come to healthcare, patients can now have iExperiences. What does that mean? At NYU Langone Medical Center, USCF Medical Center at Mission Bay, and other major healthcare facilities, providers have gone to great expense to bring digital technologies to the bedside. They’ve installed

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