Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • Nursing and the Patient Experience

    Where is Nursing in the Patient Experience?

    This question came to me as an “ah ha” moment as I was a member of a faculty doing a retreat for oncology nurses last summer. Basically, when I started to talk about the patient experience and HCAHPS, the nurses’ eyes glazed over and they looked confused. They knew little to nothing about the patient

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  • Whole Person Care

    Is Whole Person Care What Patients Want?

    Whole Person Care is a concept that’s been a focus of many U.S. healthcare practitioners recently. But is Whole Person Care what patients really want? Our healthcare system is a curative, allopathic system that looks solely at the physical and biological framework of disease. It is struggling to shift into a system that treats the

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  • Patient experience not about Obamacare

    The Patient Experience is Not About Obamacare

    As many of us struggle with the uncertainty in the U.S. healthcare system, it’s important to realize that the patient experience is not about the system. It is about human beings living through health events, concerned about their families, and about the caregivers who interact with them. The patient experience is about how medical and nursing

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