Monthly Archives: November 2016

  • How Do We Improve the Patient Experience in a Time of Uncertainty?

    While we have all heard that change is inevitable, it is also our natural instinct to seek and find anchors of stability. This is especially true when it comes to the patient experience. Patients may bond with their first nurse only to find that within hours, another nurse shows up. They are used to their

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  • Nature Videos on Election Day – What An Idea!

    Choosing to ease the stress of Election Day earlier this week, the Weather Channel broadcast 9 hours of stunning sunset and ocean video. To soothe us. What an idea! For me, however, the drama that went on during coverage of the election this year was not unlike watching the recent Cubs vs. Reds World Series

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  • Does Whole Person Care Improve the Patient Experience?

    You want to provide the best care and experience for your patients, right? But are you simply going down the list of HCAHPS questions, using this 31-question survey as kind of a reverse operating manual? Or, are you also looking at whole person care or other models of care such as patient-centered care, patient- and

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