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  • Encore Post: “Do No Harm” is Not Enough Anymore for Patient Safety

    Note:  This is a popular post from 2014 that is still relevant to the critical issue of patient safety. Florence Nightingale was not only the Mother of Modern Nursing; she also was the Mother of Healthcare Design and Patient Safety. She demanded ongoing documentation of patient progress and invented the nurse call system. She actually saw all of

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  • Evidence-Based Medicine May Not Always Be Best for the Patient Experience

    Since 1990 when David Sackett first identified Evidence-Based Medicine as a framework to standardize how physicians diagnose and treat their patients, the term has been all but bastardized. Evidence-Based Medicine now is attached to any practice or tool that has even a slight relationship to a study that may not have been reviewed. It’s become

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  • Pain Management: Life-Supporting or Life-Threatening?

    Without question, pain is the only symptom that crosses all ages, diagnoses, and specialties. One of the best solutions ever developed for pain management was aspirin, followed by every other pill that came from the realization that pain could be treated, if not eliminated, by using drugs. But now we’ve realized that using morphine and

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  • What’s the Difference Between Patient Satisfaction & Patient Experience?

    When I heard Press Ganey Founder Irwin Press speak many years ago, he offered the perspective of an anthropologist, looking at healthcare as a culture and the factors that inform and define it. Press hoped that focusing on patient satisfaction, where the patient was given a voice in understanding what happened during a hospitalization would be

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