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  • What Do Patient Satisfaction Surveys & the HCAHPS Survey Tell Us?

    There are many similarities between patient experience surveys and the HCAHPS survey. They are both directed to patients, they both have multiple-choice questions, and they are both used to help hospitals improve the quality of care. And, yet, they each ask totally different questions and provide totally different kinds of information. Breaking Down the Surveys A patient

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  • When What We Believe and Practice is Outdated

    Through the history of science, beliefs have been disproven by empirical evidence and still, whole societies have refused to be influenced by new information. In fact, science was once considered heresy by the Church and unexplainable events were considered satanic. The battle between science and faith is ongoing. We are now in the 21st Century.  Yet, we

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  • Music as Environmental Design: What Does the Patient Hear?

    Today I walked to Starbucks about mile and a half from my home.  It’s a good way to get an early three-mile walk in before my day starts. I have done this for many years.  However, what I walked into today was very different. Once I got my soy latte, the friend I was with mentioned the music, which

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  • Encore Post: Hospital Room as the Classroom of Recovery

    Note:  This is a post from 2014 that is still relevant to the hot-button issue of preventing readmissions. There are many ways to learn.  However, the ultimate goal of all teaching is to transfer information from teacher to students so completely that what is learned cannot be unlearned. For patients, the information must be meaningful and motivational for

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