Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Nothing But Words: Does HCAHPS Truly Measure the Patient Experience?

    Contrary to what some might think, the patient experience movement wasn’t inspired by just one event or just one speech. It has a history, a kind of genealogy. From Wikipedia: “The word patient originally meant ‘one who suffers’. This English noun comes from the Latin word patiens, the present participle of the deponent verb, patior, meaning ‘I

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  • To Follow or Not: The Rules About Patient Safety

    For the very first time ever, I was called for jury duty last week in the 2nd District Court in Washoe County, Nevada. I tried to think of some great excuse to get out of it, but, alas, none was to be had. So, I showed up on Monday, one among 45 other potential jurors. As

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  • Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting: Is This Quality Care?

    The more we wait, the more we hate waiting. And, when we are not feeling well or with a family member in the ED, waiting reaches the highest point of frustration. I have written this in the past and I’ll write it again: For every minute that one waits, one also stops engaging in anything but the wait. William James, an American philosopher and

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