Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Which Week Isn’t Patient Experience Week?

    This is Patient Experience Week, but which week is not about the patient experience? During which week does a single patient matter less in what we do? Since the early 1980s when I began working in healthcare, I have fought with the idea that the human experience (whether a patient or not) is somehow separated

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  • The Age of the Patient Experience: When Do We Get Good At This?

    Coming from the 2016 Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference last week, like the 1000+ attendees, I’m both inspired and driven to move this whole discussion deeper. Not unlike how Descartes split the human experience into mind and body. So, too, is the patient experience divided into the diagnosis and everything that happens around it. It has its

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  • Want to Improve the Patient Experience? Pay More Attention to the Room

    Lists, surveys, multiple-choice HCAHPS questions, and operational manuals – the healthcare industry is trying to define and control the patient experience generically. Would we try to define any other human event this way? I ask this because being a patient creates its own life-world and includes everything that happens (noticed or not), intentional or incidental, clinical

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