Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • The Patient Experience Lives in the Details

    We are buried in the patient experience metrics, advice, processes, workshops, and standards. And, while the HCAHPS survey has reduced the patient experience to its 31 multiple choice questions, much of what matters to the patient can be better understood in the questions not asked. HCAHPS asks: “During your stay, how often did nurses treat

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  • 7 Features of A Compassionate Hospital Waiting Room

    Compassion is evidenced in many ways, many of which are not verbal. Being compassionate is about a universal kindness that is real and genuine that shows itself in every aspect of the healthcare organization. Often that first point of compassionate contact is the hospital waiting room. Yet any of the many patient and public micro-environments in

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  • Don’t Confuse Your Google Search With My Medical Degree

    I read this statement on a mug recently and wondered if I was confused or believed what I read. How many Google searches have I done about any particular disease, drug, symptom? So many. Then, I thought about hospital waiting rooms. While patients and families wait for the clinician to see them, how many people fear what they have read,

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