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  • Prime Time TV Programming for a Hospital Waiting Room?

    I am not sure how long it has been since we’ve had a week without a shooting in the headlines. Regardless of the perpertrator or circumstances, murder is our new prime time obsession because it is happening and we want to know. Does CNN or FOX News on the television in your hospital waiting room make patients and

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  • Mapping the Emotional Patient Experience

    The Harvard Business Review’s article on design thinking informing organizational culture offers an interesting way to rethink the patient experience. The process of identifying the rationale or purpose for designing a new product requires an understanding of the target users and where the product fits into their lives. In the case of the hospital, the patient uses every

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  • 5 Ways to Improve the Hospital Waiting Room Experience

    Waiting is not good in the American culture. If we were Buddhists, we might look at the wait and experience it as requisite to enlightenment. However, most of us consider even the relatively short wait at a stop sign, too long. And, no, we do not feel particularly enlightened. And, this attitude is not good

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  • Why Florence Nightingale Never had to Address Quality Care

    Florence Nightingale so reminds me of my first harp teacher. She was intolerant of error for any reason whatsoever. In fact, there were no words one could offer that would excuse a mistake. None whatsoever. Nightingale was very clear. If a patient dies overnight who was not supposed to die, something was not seen, some

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