Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Making Noise about Patient Safety

    I have been writing about hospital noise for many years. And, I am convinced that much of the conversation and rationale behind reducing noise is wrong. I say that because when we talk about noise as a sound, we get into a question of “how loud.”  However, when we look at the outcomes of what

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  • Ageism in Healthcare: Fear or Fact?

    I just saw Dr. Bill Thomas’ “Age of Disruption” presentation at the University of Nevada Reno. It made me think about ageism in healthcare. As a gerontologist and leader in the field of aging, Dr. Thomas is currently on tour nationally, pushing to redefine aging, which he feels is mistakenly based on Hollywood illusions. Dr. Thomas starts his

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  • The 5-Star Patient Experience: What do Stars Have to Do With It?

    In the beginning, there was only accreditation. Then, there were surveys to measure patient satisfaction. Then, there was a survey to measure the patient experience. Now, there are 5 stars. In April, the CMS instituted the 5-star rating, supposedly to make it easier for consumers to understand.  However, this oversimplification has substantial risk of misunderstanding and misinformation. How can

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  • The Power of Healing is the Nurse

    Telling the story of nursing is like telling the story of everyone who has been ill, been in an accident, or has held a vigil at the bed of a loved one whose last moment shall never be forgotten.  Almost every one of us has been touched by a nurse, starting with the day we

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  • Miracles Happen When You Share Patient Stories

    In the beginning, humans made up stories to explain the mystery of life. And, while we may call it mythology, whatever we have come to believe is more about the story than about scientific study. The patient experience is revealing itself from patient stories. Stories coming from those who have lived it and want to talk

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