Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Nursing in Crisis or Conflict: From Nightingale to Today

    The professionalism and dedication of nursing began in times of war.  Florence Nightingale and her team of 35 nurses confronted a 42% mortality rate in the Crimea in the 1800s.  They saved lives and struggled to change a conservative medical system.  Their work reduced the mortality rate to 2%. In keeping with that tradition, today’s

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  • Encore Post: 5 Steps to Optimize the Patient Experience

    Note: My energies are focused on the Middle Eastern Nurses Conference this week, so here’s an encore post that was first published in March 2014. It’s time that we move from hypothesizing about the ideal patient experience to actually taking personal responsibility for making it happen. But how do you start?  Here are five simple steps: 1.

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  • Should Hospice Care Be More Regulated?

    According to a recent report in the Huffington Post, regulation of hospice care in the U.S. is spotty at best, And, the risks common to hospices are not different than those in acute care hospitals: falls, infection, poor pain management. But, hospices are inspected far less often than nursing homes or hospitals (some only every six years) and few

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