Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • The ROI on Human Caring in Healthcare

    Return on investment (ROI) is what we get for what we pay.  Making “human caring” a commodity may seem crass, but, these days, if we look at supply and demand, human caring in healthcare is in high demand and, relatively low supply. I say this because we are approaching the time of year that calls

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  • The Environment of Care as Palliative Care

    Florence Nightingale said that the environment of care holds within it the key to relieve both pain and suffering.  And, the inverse is also true:  it can exacerbate pain and suffering. A study published this week by McMaster University about what patients find most valuable to discuss at end of life care revealed that most of the

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  • The Waiting Room: Where Suffering Begins

    In the waiting rooms of clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care clinics, humanity comes together as equal. And, for every minute that one waits, one also stops engaging in anything but the wait. Having a health issue, whatever it is, even if there is no issue, brings us to the basic truth that we are each human,

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