Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Value of Loving Kindness in the Nurse-Patient Relationship

    At the Beryl Institute Roundtable in Seattle, WA, this week, kindness dominated discussions about caregiver resilience in pursuit of the optimal patient experience. While the discussion started by looking at the current pressures in healthcare settings, it quickly moved to human needs and values, the daily toll on nurses and others who care at the

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  • Patient-Centered Care Meets Ebola

    Patient-centered care is calling for us to our focus skills, intentions, and financial resources on the patient.  At the same time, our vision and concern must be broad enough to include everyone involved in and around patient care. Recent events in the trajectory of the Ebola virus have revealed what we all know but fail

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  • Setting the Stage for the Patient Experience

    I keep coming back to the patient experience as being elusive, difficult to nail down, and more difficult to actually make happen and control. Added to that is the role of the physical environment as it informs patients and families about the hospital culture, staff competency; and provides real-time “data” for their prognosis. So, let’s

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  • One Size Fits All Doesn’t Work for Patient Centered Care

    While Planetree is now broadly known, its earliest roots in the patient experience movement came long before our current era of HCAHPS. Founded in 1978, Planetree introduced the world to patient centered care by handing the power of healing back to the patient — an idea that has now taken root in so many different

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