Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Why is Patient Safety Ever in Question?

    Patient safety seems obvious. Why can’t it be an assumption rather than an assignment or a project, or motivated only  by a regulation? Why do we have to push so hard to get people to do the safe thing? There are no answers that would satisfy the ethical obligation first stated by Florence Nightingale in

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  • Hospital Room As Classroom: Everything and Everyone Teaches

    There are many ways to learn.  However, the ultimate goal of all teaching is to transfer information from teacher to students so completely that what is learned cannot be unlearned. For patients, the information must be meaningful and motivational for it to actually impact their health. The hospital room is the classroom of recovery.  And,

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  • Sound Control vs. Noise Control: What’s the Difference?

    Yes, noise can be loud.  But, loud is not necessarily noisy.  The sound of a 100-piece symphony orchestra played at fortissimo can be breathtaking and passionate, and hardly considered noise by those who love classical music. And, the sound of a distorted talk radio coming from another room can be very annoying, although the measured

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