Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • What Happens to Patients When the Lights Go Out

    I found the term “nocturnal rumination” in a recent study on insomnia in palliative care patients in the ICU. Basically, it’s obsessive thinking when the lights go out. The study noted that many factors have been studied about ICU patients. However, insomnia has not been suspected or diagnosed. Environmental Factors Are Major Cause Nonetheless, the

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  • Transforming an ICU Bed Into a Hospice Bed

    A patient in the ICU is pulled off of life-support.  The family is with him to support him while he is awaiting his last breath. What does this ICU patient room now look and feel like to the family?  Is it possible to shift the environment to better respect this sacred time? What would be

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  • HCAHPS Scores: Mind the Gap Between the Survey and the Answers

    In thinking about the history of regulatory accountability, HCAHPS has no precedent.  As a measurement tool, it has many gaps, including a gap between intention and outcomes and a gap between the culture of the hospital and the culture of the patient. There are also gaps between what the HCAHPS questions ask, what they really

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  • Addressing Hospital Noise: How to Create a Sound Quality Committee

    Creating a Sound Quality Committee is one of the best strategies to address hospital noise. It’s also a good way to put accountability for the sound environment on those who have direct contact with patients. But who should be on the committee, how do you recruit them, and what should they do? Those on the

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