Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • All HCAHPS Scores Being Equal: Caregiver as Patient

    “The only difference between the patient and the caregiver is acuity.” So said hospital CEO Pat Linton so many years ago.  And, nothing has changed. Being human puts us at parity with each other more than we may realize. We all want pretty much the same things: respect, safety, community, comfort — and to be

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  • This Week’s Healthcare Topic: What’s New is Old

    Those who know and love me often point to repetition in my blog posts. I’m proud to say that it’s true. Because the healthcare topics I write about are far from outdated or resolved. Rather they are pressing enough that I feel if I take a different approach, maybe those who do not yet engage

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  • HCAHPS Survey Questions Not Really About the Patient

    Building on my post from last week, healthcare providers ask patients lots of questions to find out if caregivers did their jobs right. And, from my own experience as a patient in a hospital last year, I don’t think the main question has never been asked. In fact, if we lump all the HCAHPS survey

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  • 5 Questions to Add to the HCAHPS Survey

    The word “flourish” is relatively new as a humanistic goal for healthcare — for patients, staff, and our communities. And, it is an easy word to say but so difficult to define, particularly in this era of HCAHPS surveys. I’m not sure of the difference between thriving and flourishing. However, I know that when we

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