Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Can We Start an Epidemic of Kindness in Healthcare?

    Violence, anger, sarcasm, personal attacks, public acts of ridicule, and hate have been portrayed by the news media and entertainment industry in ways that have rendered us insensitive to the outcome. And, the increase in hate crimes, random mass shootings or intentional ones, domestic violence, and school stabbings is not just frightening.  It is epidemic

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  • Healing Into a New Future for the Patient Experience

    Coming from the rich experience at the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference this past week, I want to share some of my own takeaways. We heard from so many wonderful speakers, but more important, we heard from each other. And we listened carefully, consciously — in ways often passed over for the sake of the

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  • Aging, the Aged, and the Generic Patient Experience

    Ageism is alive and well in healthcare.  In fact, as a “boomer,” many journalists have made great efforts to tell me how I am going to age, how much money I will have to spend or not spend, what kind of issues I might have, and at what age I will probably elect to leave

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