Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • 5 Steps to Optimize the Patient Experience

    It’s time that we move from hypothesizing about the ideal patient experience to actually taking personal responsibility for making it happen. But how do you start?  Here are five simple steps: 1. Get honest This is not easy. Our capacity as human beings to rationalize and right a sinking ship is stunning. What I mean

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  • Composing a Swan Song: On Hospice and Palliative Care

    Each of us probably wants a “swan song.” The term comes from the Ancient Greek phrase referring to myth about the life-long silence of the swan being broken with beautiful song right before death. I am a harpist, playing an instrument that is most associated with heaven, the sacred, death, and dying. My work at

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  • The Patient Experience: What Matters?

    In all of the writings about the patient experience, few ask the foundational question, “What matters?” While ambiguous and global, this question is primary to any experience as it defines our focus and our bottom line concerns in ways that details often miss. If we asked ourselves what matters to us when we go to

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