Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • Health care reform

    Conversations With a 23-Year Old About Health Reform

    So, healthcare reform is in our face, hitting our checkbooks, and so very confusing. However, never was the challenge as clear to me as today, after spending some time speaking with a young man and his mother while sharing a natural hot spring in Genoa, NV, where I was taking a little R&R. This is

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  • Patient safety

    Patient Safety: It’s About the Culture!

    This week, I spoke at the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California’s Patient Safety Exchange, an annual event that brings together nurses and administrators, physicians and risk officers, and others who are directly involved with patient safety. These are people who are both responsible and accountable for keeping patients safe. My presentation, based on

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  • Chasing the Rainbow of Health Care Reform

    If I think about how many rainbows I have seen in my life, none have been as stunning as the absolutely vivid and full one, end-to-end, that I saw in Reno a couple of years ago. It followed an amazing lightning storm that I am sure set off a couple of brush fires. But, in

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  • Ready or Not, Here Comes the Future of Healthcare

    The future shows up, ready or not. Old systems fade in the sunlight of time and new systems take over, ready or not. Transform 2013, the 4th annual symposium sponsored by the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation in September, looked at the future of healthcare only slightly visible in the amazing work and dreamers of the now.

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