Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Caught Between the Healthcare Have & Have-Nots

    My husband Dallas and I are in Israel this week, on our way to Jordan and Qatar. A conversation came up around the differences between the U.S. healthcare system and the Israeli healthcare system. Currently in the U.S., you need insurance to make a doctor’s appointment. In Israel, you need only to call to make

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  • What Informs the Patient Experience?

    Continuing from my last post, I am on the same path, telling the same story, this time adding more density to the argument. There are three critical factors that inform the patient experience: (1) the acuity of the patient; (2) the acuity of the caregiver; and (3) the acuity of the environment of care. Higher

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  • The Power of Healing is the Nurse

    Telling the story of nursing is like telling the story of everyone who has been ill, been in an accident, or has held a vigil at the bed of a loved one whose last moment shall never be forgotten. Almost every one of us has been touched by a nurse, starting with the day we

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