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  • Florence Nightingale

    The Environment of Care: Third Party in the Caregiver/Patient Relationship

    Returning from the Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience conference last week, my thoughts run from the obligations of the caregiver community to the responsibility of the patient to engage, and to the environment in which care is delivered almost being forgotten. I say this in the most positive light because the conference brought great weight to

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  • Just Because: Volunteerism at its Best

    Volunteerism is authentic altruism in action, doing good work to improve the human condition — “just because.” The “just because” is often what parents say to their kids when they ask why they want them to do something that kids don’t want to do, but should do. As adults, we may forget that we are

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  • Everything Teaches: How Patients Learn

    I learned to be afraid of shots following a shocking injection of penicillin on my behind when I was six years old. I had scarlet fever (was I the last one?) and the doctor came to our house.  At that time, house calls were normal! After examining me with his cold hands, He told me

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